Founded in 1968, NAHSE has become the premier professional association for black executives in the healthcare field.


Its leadership and members are administrators, practitioners and educators, working in a wide-variety of healthcare organizations. NAHSE was established for the pur­pose of promoting the advancement and development of these leaders and ele­vating the quality of healthcare services rendered to minority and underserved communities.

Since its inception, NAHSE has sponsored and participated in local and national programs designed to improve quality, access, and availability of health services, and to expand educational opportunities in the field of health services administration.



Charles Anderson*

Everett V. Fox, FACHE*

Morris Henderson*

Theodore Perkins

Haynes Rice, FACHE*

Charles Tildon*

Reginald P. Ayala, LFACHE*

Theodore Frazier*

Waverly Johnson*

Inder Persaud

Elliott C. Roberts, Sr., LFACHE

Woodrow W. Walston*


Steven Dorn, FACHE

Willis Fryer

Joseph B. Mann, Jr., FACHE

Clyde Reynolds, LFACHE*

James Robinson*

Henry J. Whyte, FACHE*


The mission of the National Association of Health Services Executives is to enhance and promote the professional development of black healthcare managers. NAHSE will support its members in functioning as advocates to improve the health status of the communities we serve, and to create and foster opportunities of economic development within the healthcare industry for minority-owned businesses.


NAHSE will be recognized globally as the premier professional membership society for blacks in health care management. NAHSE strives to improve the health status, economic opportunities and educational advancement of the communities we serve.


New York Regional NAHSE is governed by 6 officers, 6 standing committees

Carle-Marie Memnon - President Elect.jpg

Carle-Marie Memnon, DHA, FACHE


Max Celestin, MPA

Zsalyne Fergus - Secretary.jpg

Zsalyne “Jay” Fergus, MHA


Maija Williams, MPH


Christine Picard, MPA


Abigail Nimako, MPH
Immediate Past-President


Committee Appointments

Budget and Fundraising Committee
Responsible for reviewing the finances of the Chapter and making appropriate financial reports to the Chapter and Association

Communication and Public Relations

Responsible for internal and external marketing communications and maintaining the NASHE brand.

Education Committee

Responsible for the Summer Enrichment Program and the Scholarship Committee

Health & Community Service Committee

Responsible for promoting health and wellness educational and prevention programs

Membership Committee

Responsible for recruiting and retention of member, receiving, reviewing and forwarding to the association all applications for membership.

Program Committee

Responsible for determining and implementing program and educational activities.

 Public Policy Committee

Responsible for collecting and disseminating information on local, state, and national public policy.